Book Feature: The Trials of Allura by Dina El Shammaa





Allura’s life is a testament to the strength and resilience of educated Middle-Eastern women in the modern age, who are railing against a life that makes little sense, with all its twists and turns. A tower of courage and energy, her enthusiasm to challenge life’s obstacles and temptations reflects some of the mind-blowing hardships various women face. Bound by passion, linked by need, Allura offers readers a better understanding of life in a cross-cultural environment, where women are wrongly perceived by the outside world as spoilt, reclusive, and vulnerable. Social constraints, family upheavals, and unexpected tragedies force Allura to stand on her two feet at a young age and make life-changing decisions, which is when her whole world begins to unravel. Join Allura on her extraordinary journey of highs and lows, humorous encounters, and fateful experiences, which transform her from a shy and sheltered teenager to a courageous, resolute, fiery, and tempestuous woman.
An author inspired by innocence, simplicity and beauty, Dina El Shammaa’s extensive writing background helps her uncover unexpected daily occurrences that affect the lives of millions of women in the region and beyond.

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Book Feature: Enter Venus by Sondra Luger






In ENTER VENUS the Goddess of Love comes to earth to save a marriage that’s falling apart. In the course of her magical ministrations, the art masterpieces at the magnificent Frick mansion spring to life and into action and a torrential downpour sweeps characters from a New York City street to Venice, Italy.

Sondra Luger taught English in a New York City high school. Her first romantic novel, RICH, NEVER MARRIED, RICH was inspired by Jane Austen’s PRIDE & PREJUDICE, and her second, BACK FROM BORA BORA, was inspired by the business world of the young and the resilience and energy of the so-called aged. Her mysteries, DROP ME OFF IN HARLEM and MURDER ON BROADWAY, both of which feature the same female fashion model detective, are a tribute to the Roaring Twenties and to the author’s mother, who was a high fashion model. Sondra comes from an arts-oriented family with musical talent, and she has recorded a music CD with her sister, singer and songwriter Carolyn Luger. The songs were written by music icons of the twentieth century. The album is TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE.

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Book Blast: The Right-Wing Threat to Democracy by Burt Hall



For over thirty years, World War II veteran and author Burt Hall assessed accountability in government and national security. Now, this seasoned, professional analyst delivers a tough account of what went wrong in our politics and system of government over the past two decades and what we can do about it.
The right wing (not to be confused with Conservatism) has hijacked the Republican Party and wrecked havoc on our nation. It exploited basic flaws in our system to gain power and a series of major setbacks and a weakened democracy have followed.
The Right-Wing Threat to Democracy lays out clearly what the basic flaws in our system are and how they can be fixed. The danger is that an ongoing shift of political power to the very wealthy and suppression of voting rights is silencing the voice of the average citizen.
If elected officials do not fix the basic flaws, the American people have alternatives in our democracy and must take matters into their own hands.
After early careers in the aircraft electronics field and as a CPA, Burt Hall joined the USGovernment Accountability Office (GAO), where he served as group director analyst on national security and other matters. For more than thirty years, he reported to Congress and testified before its committees on behalf of the GAO. Mr. Hall graduated from the Harvard Advanced Management Program and was loaned twice for two years, once to a bipartisan congressional commission and later to the Reagan White House.With Ed Asner, who also contributed to The Right-Wing Threat to Democracy, Hall coauthored Misuse of Power. He coauthored the bestselling book, How the Experts Win at Bridge, with his wife, Lynn.

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Book Blast: Say What Loneliness? by Chaunda Gaines



Loneliness is a universal thing that affects us all. It can happen when we least expect or when we isolate ourselves from others. Having experienced loneliness, author Chaunda Gaines reveals her thoughts and suggestions that can help you with the release of her new book Say What Loneliness? This book is an inspirational guide written to help you find out where loneliness fits into your life. It can inspire you to determine if you can make your life better than what it is or even find new directions whenever you feel lost, lonely and clueless. If you know someone feeling really lonely, buy this book for them. Start making a difference with this engaging book today!
Chaunda grew up in Third Ward, Texas. She’s half Hispanic. She graduated from Marion High School in Houston, Texas. She has worked in the insurance industry for twenty-three years. She always had a dream of becoming a writer from the very age of sixteen. She grew up finding about life the hard way. She had nobody to tell her about life problems you experience, the outcome of decisions and choices you make that can scar you for life. This is what aspired her to write to help others. She writes using discernment guided by divine inspiration. When she is writing she can zone herself in that element thinking how you as an individual can be thinking inside your mind. She has gone through many hardships, heartaches, failed relationships, failed marriages and many storms in her life. Her writings are real, simple and plain. Her book is about how loneliness can effect the behavior pattern of an individual life. The outcome of loneliness creeping inside your soul could result in erratic behavior. Which could have you making bad decisions or choices in your life which can end up hurting you. There are twenty topics in this book short and precise which deals with real life issues in our everyday life. In each topic, there is an solution to how you can make your life better than it is to continue moving forward in your life and not going backwards when loneliness is present. She hopes you enjoy reading “Say What? Loneliness.

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Book Blast: Iniquities of Gulch Fork by Bob Smith and Sara Rhodes






In the worn and tired town of Gulch Fork, Arkansas, certified nursing assistant Samantha Caminos heads to her patient Rob Dean’s home and wonders how she can find common ground with the aloof, disabled Vietnam veteran who suffers from not only PTSD but also severe neuropathy caused by Agent Orange. As Samantha approaches the house, she has no idea that very soon their lives will take a new turn. Gulch Fork, a town once filled with Ozark tranquility, takes on an aura of evil when bizarre events begin to affect Rob and two other war-scarred veterans, Peter Ness and Ron Woods-Samantha’s father. But when Samantha learns that two elderly couples without living relatives in the area have fallen prey to fraud and embezzlement by a man who claims to be a pastor, she sets out on a quest to piece together a complex mystery fueled by those hell-bent on taking advantage of citizens too fragile to defend themselves. In this compelling novel based on true events, three veterans seeking peace and serenity from PTSD fall victim to injustice, prompting a young health care worker to investigate the evil that has infiltrated their once peaceful Arkansas town.

Bob Smith is a naval officer who had Agent Orange spilled on him in Vietnam and suffers from severe PTSD in addition to disabling neuropathy. After living in Spain, he returned to America and settled in the Ozarks, where he is happily pursuing his dream of writing. Sara Rhodes is a wife, mother, and certified nursing assistant who originally lived in Alaska before moving to the Ozarks with her family. Bob is her former patient whose teachings about PTSD helped her recognize her own father’s battle with it. Both Bob and Sara find animals to be a great source of comfort.

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Interview with H. John Lyke and Kathryn L. Robyn, authors of Political Straight Talk


Inside the Book:


Title: Political Straight Talk

Author: H. John Lyke with Kathryn L. Robyn

Publisher: iUniverse

Genre: Political

Format: Ebook

In writing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, our Founding Fathers established a democratic republic with a solid political basis. What they wrote was the political map that future representatives would need to follow to conduct the people’s business in an efficient and effective manner. As long as they faithfully carried out the people’s will, our democracy and republic would function in a way congruent with our forebears’ wishes.

What in the world happened?

H. John Lyke, a board-certified psychologist and professor emeritus at Metropolitan State College of Denver, and the author of multiple political psychology books, suggests that ever since George Washington retired as captain of our ship of state, subsequent presidents and members of Congress have failed to use the sailing chart of the Constitution. Instead, they’ve chosen to pursue their own and their political parties’ self-interests.

Lyke uses psychological principles to explore the reasons why our government has fallen so low, and in the voice of a kind but determined therapist, he offers simple and viable solutions to get us back to following our map.

The Interview:

Could you please tell us a little about your book? 
Kathryn: Political Straight Talk, like its subtitle states, is a prescription for healing our broken system of government. The book starts as a continuation of the discussion of John’s previous books, The Impotent Giant: How to Reclaim the Moral High Ground of America’s Politics and What Would Our Founding Fathers Say?—How Today’s Leaders Have Lost Their Way. First we lay out the vision the Founders of the United States of America had for a democratic republic with liberty and justice for all, the interpersonal processes of integrity they called upon to come to agreement in creating the documents upon which our overall mission of freedom (The Declaration of Independence) and the structure that would maintain that (The Constitution) were based, and the many ways we have struggled to live up to that vision throughout our history, by turns failing and progressing. Our view is that at our current crossroads, we are failing. The rest of the book talks about ways to fix that, including a discussion of psychological processes needed to restore the leadership and citizenry to sanity, four amendments to the Constitution to address persistent systemic issues with power and alienation in politics, and a call for love, for without empathy, compassion, and love for all the people, not only our democracy, but the planet itself will likely be lost in our grandchildren’s lifetime. 
Who or what is the inspiration behind this book? 
John: I became interested in history only as an older man, never having really had the opportunity to study it at school. I read everything I could get my hands on about our Founding Fathers and was particularly inspired by George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and though he was not an original Founder, one might say he was the first founder of the country as a free state, Abraham Lincoln. Though very different men, they shared an implicit and passionate sense of what our second president, John Adams, referred to as “public and private virtue,” the twin qualities of integrity they each believed no democracy could survive without. I looked around for that quality in our leadership today, and found it wanting. I decided to explore why. 
What cause are you most passionate about and why? 
Kathryn: We are both passionate about the importance of love in all decision-making by government and business, in addition to our personal lives. When money or profit is the valued goal or motive, oppression and alienation will result, because the profit mentality is built around the idea of scarcity. The idea that we are all in competition for resources and successful outcomes has grown beyond the small business model into the realm of government, as if there is not enough liberty and justice and well-being itself to go around. Love has the opposite view: that with all of us pulling for everybody, there is plenty to go around, not just for liberty and justice, which should be free to all, but resources as well. In a healthy family, you don’t just feed some of your children and one parent; you make sure everyone is equally cared for to reach their potential. The same must be true in a democratic republic. 
Do you have any rituals you follow when you finish a piece of work? 
Kathryn: I’d like to say I dance a jig, but the knees aren’t what they once were. [Laughs.] But we did talk on the phone and share a nice grin. 
John: Since I’m 84, dancing a jig is out of the question. That’s because if I ever knew the steps involved, because of my age, I wouldn’t remember them today. Besides, my arthritic leg would prevent me from dancing even if I knew the steps! 
Who has influenced you throughout your writing career? 
John: Kathryn! I’ve said this many times, and though Kathryn gets embarrassed by it, I can’t say it enough that when I found her as an editor, my writing life changed to something I could respect and feel respected for. That was a great gift to me in my life, not just as a writer, but as a human being. Plus, over the years, she has unselfishly served as a marvelous catalyst for me to strive for excellence; it indeed has been an honor and a privilege to have received her generous tutelage over the years. 
Kathryn: Thank you, John! I have been an avid reader since I was a child; consequently, my influences are abounding. But I’d have to say that it was songwriters from Joni Mitchell to Paul Simon and Johnny Mercer to Beyoncé that have given me the sense of story, rhythm, and imagery with which I try to keep the reader engaged and turning pages. 
What are some of your long-term goals? 
John: To heal our beloved country! To get a national discussion going that brings back integrity as the number one quality we look for in politicians and infuses love into the electorate as well as the leadership when making laws that affect We the People. 
Kathryn: It’s a gargantuan task admittedly, but I think my efforts also lean in that direction. 

Meet the Author:

Dr. Lyke earned his master’s degree in clinical psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia and his doctorate at Michigan State University. He is a board-certified psychologist and professor emeritus at Metropolitan State College of Denver, and was a clinical psychologist for the State of Colorado for many years. He has written the political psychology books The Impotent Giant and What Would Our Founding Fathers Say: How Our Leaders Have Lost Their Way, and co-authored a psychology self-help book, Walking on Air without Stumbling. He lives in Denver and has three grown children and four grandchildren. To find out more, please visit lykeablebooks4u. com, where you can read more about him as well as follow his current and archived blog posts.

More important to John, however, is that you join the discussion at, where the blog originates and you can post your comments.

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Guest Post from the authors of Child Decoded

Inside the Book:


The last twenty years have seen a huge increase, not only in children with learning and behavior problems, but in children with bewildering combinations of them. These combinations can defy easy categorization and resist treatment. Figuring these children out can feel like trying to decrypt an especially complex code, without a cypher. Even professionals find it challenging.We have seen family after family exhausted, overwhelmed and confused about how to sort through all the data and figure out how to proceed. There is certainly no shortage of information out there. What seems to be missing is guidance on how to synthesize it to create a larger picture that gives parents a clearly sequenced path forward.

This book presents a new kind of resource for a new kind of need. It includes:

• Extensive checklists to help you see new possibilities and find avenues of support you may not have considered

• Explanation of the hidden factors that may be worsening your child’s learning or behavior problems

• Discussion of the difference between digging deeper for true causes and merely assigning diagnoses to the “tip of the iceberg” symptoms you are seeing

• Descriptions of the major areas of developmental, learning and behavioral challenges, as well as common misdiagnoses.

• Lots of useful ‘news you can use’ about what options are available to you, which practitioners do what, and what questions to ask along the way

• Descriptions of both Western medicine and alternative medicine solutions

• Sequence matters: helpful information on how to prioritize treatments in a complex situation

• Stories of families who have been in the same trenches you have

• Tips on how to work more productively with your child’s school; develop a plan of action that makes sense for your budget, your family’s schedule and your sanity; maintain a healthy connection with your child; and more!

Written by over 20 professionals, Child Decoded is a thorough, must-have resource that any family with struggling children should consult!



Parenting a special needs child ain’t for the faint of
heart. The overwhelm, the frustration, the exhaustion…it’s hard. I know. I’ve
been there.
Since my own special needs son has just graduated from
college, I’ve been thinking a lot about our journey with him. I’ve been talking
to him about it, too, and some of his insights surprised me.
I can tell you every therapy we tried, every medical
approach we used, every school support we fought for. Each was crucial. But,
looking back from this vantage point, the little everyday things that saved our
lives are less obvious. Here are three:
It sounds obvious, but I swear, everything got so much easier when I finally
accepted the whole situation. My son was going to have good days and really bad
ones, and would never have a ‘normal’ path, and would often take two steps
forward, three steps back.
And there was absolutely nothing I could do
about that. A bad day was neither a reflection of my parenting nor proof he
wasn’t trying hard enough.  It was just
the way we rolled in our world. My job was to find the next steps and to love
the stuffing out of him, and to let go of any attachment to who I wished he
I don’t mean to make this sound easy, by
the way. It was just necessary. I was a much better mother when I wasn’t
railing against reality. And, he now tells me, he felt much safer and more able
to cope when I was calmer about it all.
something your child loves just because he loves it.
For my son, that thing
was fencing. It’s an odd sport that he found when he was 10 and still excels
at. After a weeklong summer camp intro, he took to it with an ease and passion
that shocked us.
After a while, I could see what it was really
giving him: a place to let go of all the therapies and pressure. He wasn’t “the
kid being fixed” there. He was just himself, having fun. He really needed somewhere to be that.
Love ‘em
This insight came from my son, and it completely blew me away. I hugged
him constantly during our toughest
years. Sometimes, it was the only thing I could think of to do. I also told him
what I loved about him, and showed him daily that his creativity and goofy
humor delighted me.
When I asked him recently what he thought his
saving grace was during those difficult years, he gave me the sweetest smile
and said, “I always knew I was loved.”
I focused mostly on finding answers for my son. That was a
given. But when I look back, I think the most important thing I did was actually
to focus on him – who he was
under the struggles, what his world felt like, what he needed in order to keep
going. You wear a lot of hats, as the parent of a special needs child. “Person
who loves you more than anyone else on the planet and won’t let you forget it”
is one hat you never, ever take off.

Meet the Authors:

Kim Gangwish has  been  practicing  in  the  fields  of  mental  health  and  applied physiology for the last 18 years. Ms. Gangwish specializes in a form of acupressure that focuses on  neurological  integration,  called  LEAP  (Learning  Enhancement  Acupressure  Program).  She works  with  both  children  and  adults  who  have  learning  or  sensory  issues,  or  mild  traumatic head injuries. Her passion for educating caregivers has led her to present at international health conferences,  educational  programs  for  school  districts,  and  parent  and  adoption  support organizations,  where  she  emphasizes  the  importance  of  exploring underlying  causal  factors that contribute to learning and sensory issues. Being an adoptive mother herself, Ms. Gangwish is  very  active  in  the  adoption  community.  She  has  written  an ongoing  column  in  Adoption Today  magazine  and  founded  a  non-profit  organization  that  supports  adopted  children  and their families through an integrated team of therapeutic professionals. Ms. Gangwish runs her practice,  The  Life  Enrichment  Center,  in both  Louisville  and  Denver,  Colorado.  Kim  is also  the founder    and    CTO    (Chief    Technology    Officer)    of    a    biomedical    company,    Genovus Biotechnologies  Inc.,  which  is  developing  a  peripheral  neurostimulation  device  to  help  people with degenerative  neuromuscular diseases. She  lives in Louisville  with her two sons and many animals. You can read more about her and her work at
Dr. Robin McEvoy is a developmental neuropsychologist practicing in Denver, Colorado. She evaluates and diagnoses a wide range of learning disabilities and learning needs in children, adolescents, and adults. She then works with the family to develop a treatment plan to  remediate  weaknesses  and  accentuate  strengths.  In  addition  to  her  private  practice,  Dr. McEvoy   is   an   assistant   professor   at   the   University   of   Colorado   Health   Sciences   Center. Although  evaluation  is  the  heart  of  her  work,  Dr.  McEvoy  also  loves  the  educational  process  – speaking  to  parents,  schools,  or  other  health  professionals  about  learning,  development,  and parenting  in  this  new  age  where  many  learning  and  developmental challenges  are  more frequent.
Dr.  McEvoy  and  her  daughter,  Tessa,  have  published  a  children’s  book, Buddy: A Story for Dyslexia. This book has a lovely endorsement from Dr. Sally Shaywitz, a leading authority in
the  field.  Proceeds from  the  book  are  being  used  to fund  reading  remediation for  low  income children. You can find the book at You can read more about Robin McEvoy at her website She blogs about  learning  and  learning  challenges  at  You  can  follow  her  on Facebook  at  or  on  Twitter at She will try to be fascinating.
Marijke Jones got her BA from Cornell University, and finally settled down in Colorado after living in Japan and traveling throughout Asia and other parts of the world. She has been a copy and developmental editor for over ten years and has worked on a number of manuscripts, McGraw-Hill textbooks, website content, and other miscellaneous projects during that time. She has also published essays, mostly about her experiences raising, homeschooling, and trying to figure out her twice exceptional son. Ms. Jones is passionate about helping families with struggling children find answers and peace of mind. She believes that for each thing a child can’t do, there is something amazing that he can do. A former therapist who specialized in trauma, she also believes that monitoring children’s emotional and mental health is every bit as important as remediating their learning issues. She lives with her incredibly patient husband in Louisville, Colorado, where she enjoys the beautiful Rocky Mountains and all they have to offer. Occasionally, her two adult children come home from college or Europe or wherever they have been having more adventures than she has.


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Book Feature: Count to One by Bishop Robert

The prayer of Jesus in John 17 was that His Church would be one, and that together we would display the glory of God to a lost and dying world. Our unity would prove our message. Sadly, we’ve badly missed the mark.

Bishop Robert lifts the veil on what the Holy Spirit has been doing across the globe, enflaming hearts of believers everywhere to fulfill Christ’s prayer. Today, God is moving His Church to the place of unity we see in John 17! Count to One lays a simple and compelling foundation every believer can stand upon, examining the issues and answering the questions everyone asks about overcoming the barriers to genuine Christian unity.

God gave Bishop Robert an interesting task one day in prayer, telling him “I am teaching you to count to one!” The lesson was to be found in a simple truth revealed in the pages of the Scriptures. The Lord’s determination to see the unity of His Body restored and His desire to see the power of His glory displayed to a lost and dying world will strike you with deliberate force as you take in the message of Count to One.

Christ desires to see His Body as one—a powerful and life-changing reflection of His own ministry on Earth, and Bishop Robert lays out the principles that every believer in Jesus can use to begin breaking down the barriers, which have held them back and building bridges of unity within the Body of Christ. Using a combination of fascinating historical insights and refreshingly simple applications of Scripture, Bishop Robert leads you down the path to real freedom to love your brothers and sisters in Christ in a new and effective way.

Read the book and meet the family you never believed you had. Welcome home!

For more information, please visit

Bishop Robert is a voice for unity in the Body of Christ. His heart’s cry is the prayer of Jesus in John 17, that followers of Jesus may be one, and so proclaim the message of the Gospel in the power of His glory.

God gave Bishop Robert an interesting task one day in prayer, telling him “I am teaching you to count to one!” The lesson was to be found in a simple truth revealed in the pages of the scriptures. The Lord’s determination to see the unity of His Body restored and His desire to see the power of His glory displayed to a lost and dying world will strike you with deliberate force as you take in the message of Count To One. 

Bishop Robert serves as the President & Chief Executive Officer of Count to One, a ministry which exists to promote greater unity in the Body of Christ worldwide. Christ said that our love for one another would be the way the world would know that we are His disciples. As followers of Christ forgive one another and love one another – we will be in a better position to serve Jesus and fulfill the Great Commission.





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Book Feature: The Love Story of Creation: Book One by Edward Ruetz



Inside the Book:

Title: The Love Story of Creation: Book One
Author: Edward Ruetz
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Religion
Format: Ebook

A man awakens one day in a land of brilliant light. Unsure of his surroundings, he sees another man, woman, and their child surrounded by a pure crimson energy of love. He soon realizes that the Divine Beings intend to use their energy of love to give birth to new beings. And so begins an expanding Universe, fueled by diverse particles woven by gravity’s power into a massive web.

The Divine Beings empower atoms to be agents of creativity. The first beings, Quarkie and Photie, join twelve atom friends and quadrillions of other atoms who manage to create billions of suns in billions of galaxies. After the Divine Beings take the atom pals on journeys back to the past to visit other atom families, the atom friends living in the Milky Way Galaxy are jolted by an exploding supernova and land on planet Earth where they eventually create the first living beings.

During the next two billion years, they engage in a crucial mission—the conception of the eukaryote cell—which will determine all future creativity on Earth. But just as they are certain of their success, a momentous catastrophe threatens to end their creative journey

Meet the Author:

Edward J. Ruetz is a retired priest and a founding member of Earthworks, an Indiana ecological community since 1988. He currently lives in Indiana where he presents workshops on the Universe and the scientific story of creation, and continues his interest in the evolution versus religion debate and social justice issues


Edward is giving away a $25 Gift Card!


Terms & Conditions:
  • By entering the giveaway, you are confirming you are at least 18 years old.
  • One winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter to receive one $25 Gift Certificate to the e-retailer of your choice
  • This giveaway begins February 27 and ends on March 10.
  • Winners will be contacted via email on March 11.
  • Winner has 48 hours to reply.

Good luck everyone!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


February 27
February 28
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March 2
March 3
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March 10

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Book Feature: The Book of Steven by Steven T. Stevenson



Title: The Book of Steven


AuthorSteven T. Stevenson
Pages: 284


For those of you who are bent on destroying yourselves, or even contemplating an attempt, you might want to reconsider your options. Ultimately getting rid of “you” may be more difficult than it seems.
And if you do choose to stick around and participate, you will have to roll up your sleeves and live according to you. That may mean following a path which has been laid by others, or choosing to follow yourself. Declining to take that fork in the road, however, may lead you to a place where you never wanted or expected to be. And all the universe will be able to do is watch in wonder as the story of you unfolds.
The Book of Steven is a story about participating and not giving up, and about maintaining wonder for the universe in which we live. Follow Steven’s experiences as he—and you—learn that our world was not just written for or by someone else. We are, or should be, participants in our lives and not simply content to sit on the sidelines or to wait for someone else to make the world right for us. We should also remember that as human participants, we have the ability to enact any role we choose, and not just the ones other people may think appropriate for us.
If you happen to find yourself on a difficult path and truly need to find a new way to examine your life, The Book of Steven will help you find hope where there appears to be none, and offers a unique perspective for examining the universe in which we all choose to participate. Steven’s message is that you do not have to simply be content to live in a world of personal despair, when the possibilities presented by the universe of life are truly boundless.
Steven’s journey is not an easy one to take, however, and for those of you who may not need to explore alternative perspectives for our world, you may wish to devote your attention elsewhere.

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