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Life/Death Rhythms of Capitalist Regimes – Debt Before Dishonour by Will Slatyer Book Blast

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The Life Death RythmsTitle: Life/Death Rhythms of Capitalist Regimes – Debt Before Dishonour
Author: Will Slatyer
Publisher: Partridge Publishing
Genre: Business and Economics
Format: Ebook/Paperback

Life/Death Rhythms of Capitalist Regimes – Debt before Dishonour explores the cyclical theory of cultural development, with particular attention paid to the introduction of democratic forms of government in the British Empire and the United States republic. The cyclical theory allows a forecast of the fading of the dominance of the United States as an imperial power.

Similar to cultural survival of the loss of dominance experienced by the British Empire after the Great War, the United States will survive in a new form. Which superpower will take over the reins remains to be seen, but the likely contender is the People’s Republic of China. This conclusion and the timing will allow long-term planning by corporations and governments. In the age of political correctness, it is unlikely that readers will experience any such forecasts by government bodies.

Throughout history, societies have used and abused debt, revolted and warred over debt, and have forbidden usury. But the modern financial world as we know it simply cannot exist without usury. Since the 1400s, modern governments have found new ways to expand debt to produce modern economies, which are still subject to the age-old basic principle of debt – that it needs to be repaid or dire consequences ensue.

Life/Death Rhythms of Capitalist Regimes is available for order at


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Positive by David Wellington Book Feature

Title: Positive
Author: David Wellington
Release Date: April 21, 2015
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Format: Ebook/Hardcover/Paperback/Audible

In the bestselling vein of Guillermo Del Toro and Justin Cronin, the acclaimed author of Chimera and The Hydra Protocol delivers his spectacular breakout novel—an entertaining page-turning zombie epic that is sure to become a classic.

Anyone can be positive . . .

The tattooed plus sign on Finnegan’s hand marks him as a Positive. At any time, the zombie virus could explode in his body, turning him from a rational human into a ravenous monster. His only chance of a normal life is to survive the last two years of the potential incubation period. If he reaches his twenty-first birthday without an incident, he’ll be cleared.

Until then, Finn must go to a special facility for positives, segregated from society to keep the healthy population safe. But when the military caravan transporting him is attacked, Finn becomes separated. To make it to safety, he must embark on a perilous cross-country journey across an America transformed—a dark and dangerous land populated with heroes, villains, madmen, and hordes of zombies. And though the zombies are everywhere, Finn discovers that the real danger may be his fellow humans.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome meets World War Z and I Am Legend in this thrilling tale that has it all: a compelling story, great characters, and explosive action, making Positive the ultimate zombie novel of our time.

Positive is available for order at  

amazon BN

google play



David WellingtonDavid Wellington was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where George Romero’s classic zombie films were shot. He is the author of an online zombie serial, the Monster Island trilogy; Thirteen Bullets, a serialized vampire novel; and the Jim Chapel missions, including the digital shorts “Minotaur” and “Myrmidon,” and the novels Chimera and The Hydra Protocol. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

For More Information
Visit David’s website.
Connect with David on Facebook and Twitter

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Guest Post from Arthur C. Eastly, author of Bamford Luck


Bamford LuckTitle: Bamford Luck
Author: Arthur C. Eastly
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 262
Genre: Western
Format: Kindle/Paperback/Hardcover

Twenty-eight-year-old Clay Bamford mistakenly thinks he is just bidding his parents farewell for a short time as they depart their Idaho ranch for a vacation. As their RV heads down the road away from home, Clay has no idea that in just a short time, his parents will be murdered and he will be left attempting to solve the crime.

Luong An Chie’n—the patriarch of a Seattle Asian gang—is intent on doing whatever it takes to ensure he remains successful as a drug smuggler. When fate leads a few of his gang members to an encounter with the elderly Bamfords that ends in their untimely deaths, he is clueless that Clay Bamford has begun his own mission to find the guilty parties. Using his United States Army training, work ethic, and country boy toughness, the son hacks computers, intercepts e-mails, and infiltrates the gang. Determined to crack the crime operation, Bamford will stop at nothing until he finally leads police to a fish market—and what he hopes are the answers.

In this gripping tale, an Idaho rancher attempting to solve his parents’ murder uncovers a major drug operation in Seattle where only time will tell if he finds the justice he so desperately needs.


Bamford Luck is available for purchase at  



Driving south from Missoula, Montana along Highway 93 through the Bitterroot Mountains the changes in terrain became a constant companion. Truly beautiful countryside in the story which eventually became Bamford Luck suddenly started to come alive in my head. Each evening the laptop got a good workout on drafts of several parts of the book that I wanted to put in writing before they could slip out of my memory. It’s a good memory being excited about the parts of the story rattling around my brain. Prudence dictated not taking any chances. The handy notebook received her entries about the area and even character names came to mind.

Arriving at the time to Challis, Idaho it felt right, this was where the ranch belonged. Suddenly the ranch made a mental move from Montana to the mountains of Idaho. Driving the streets of Challis, looking at the town, its buildings and schools, the area and the atmosphere felt comfortable. This area would provide a good home for the Bamford ranch.

There is much to see in the area in one of the most striking sites is a rock cliff located east of the town of Arco, Idaho. Generations of high school graduating students have painted the year they finished school on the face of the cliff going back to 1922. At least that was the oldest number my eyes found. IN the over 90 years since the custom started it may now be fourth generation students doing the painting.

This tour of Idaho wend down the eastern side of Idaho and curved around to the west through Mountain Home, Boise and north to Lewiston, Moscow and Coeur D’Alene where the picture of the author on the books back cover was taken.

Writing fiction is a challenge involving hard work, requiring diligent perseverance. When the manuscript is finished and sent off to an agent it has been another enjoyable experience. For anyone who has a burning desire to write I can only say, Do It.

Arthur C. Eastly was educated at the University of Oklahoma. He enjoys writing frontier stories that enhance the self-reliance, determination, and courage our ancestors used to face dangerous hardships and move forward. His novel,Black Arrow, won second place in a New York fiction contest. Arthur currently resides in Alberta, Canada. This is his third book.



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