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Identity Crisis by Jean Hackensmith Book Feature


Identity CrisisTitle: Identity Crisis
Genre: Detective
Author: Jean Hackensmith
Publisher: Inkwater Press
Language: English
Pages: 260

When rumors of how Dan Hamilton actually died reach the Cheyenne Chief of Police, Brian Koski is forced to resign his position as captain of the Sixth Precinct and go into business for himself as a private detective. His partner? A mahogany colored Belgian Malinois named Sinbad. A former NYPD police dog, Sinbad is vicious when need be and reliable to a fault–unless a train goes by or there’s a thunderstorm, then chances are he will turn tail and run.

Brian’s first clients are Jeff and Melody Patten. He’s an explosives expert for a local demolitions company, she’s a stay-at-home Mom. Both are devoted parents to their young daughter, Angela. The problem comes in the form of one Collin Lanaski, an unstable ex-Air Force lieutenant and Angela’s second grade teacher, who suddenly starts insisting that Angela is his daughter—the same daughter who died in a tragic car accident four years earlier.  What does Collin base this incredible revelation on?  Dog tags and car seats.  Brian is convinced the man has suffered a psychotic break.  He’s delusional and dangerous, and it becomes the P.I.’s job to protect Angela from a madman.




I have been writing since the age of twenty.  (That’s 37 years and, yes, I’m disclosing my age.)  I am the proud mother of three, stepmother of two, and grandmother to twelve wonderful children.  I lost the love of my life, my husband Ron, in November of 2011 when he died in an accident at work.  He took my heart with him and, for a time, my desire to write.  Time, as they say, heals all wounds, and I have again discovered my passion for the written word.  In fact, I find it strangely comforting to delve into the intricate webs that are my character’s lives and immerse myself in their existence instead of dwelling on my own.

Next to writing, my second passion is live theater.  I founded a local community theater group back in 1992 and directed upwards of 40 shows, including three that I authored.  I also appeared on stage a few times, portraying Anna in The King and I and Miss Hannigan in Annie.  I am sad to say that the theater group closed its final curtain in 2008, but those 16 years will always hold some of my fondest memories.

My husband and I moved from Superior five years ago, seeking the serenity of country living.  We also wanted to get away from the natural air conditioning provided by Lake Superior.  We moved only 50 miles south, but the temperature can vary by 20-30 degrees.  I guess I’m a country girl at heart.  I simply love this area, even though I must now enjoy its beauty alone.  I love the solitude, the picturesque beauty of the sun rising over the water, the strangely calming effect of watching a deer graze outside your kitchen window.  Never again, will I live in the city.  I am an author, after all, and what better place to be inspired than in God’s own back yard.



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More Precious Than Rubies by Randy Coates Book Feature!

More Precious Than Rubies

Title: More Precious Than Rubies

Author: Randy Coates

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 174

Genre: Fantasy

Format: Ebook

Purchase at AMAZON

Paul Brager is twelve when his father tells the story of Iduna and her apples. Mr. Brager always tells stories before bed to entertain Paul’s little brother, Adrian—a ritual that has become even more important since their mother died. Iduna was a goddess who grew apples that made the gods younger and stronger, but one day she disappeared, along with her apples. Paul doesn’t think much of the myth; he has other things on his mind.

Paul and his best friend, Chad Tremblay, are excited to start the school year as seventh graders at Dorian Heights Public School. Even when they hear about the new principal, Mr. Theisen, they aren’t worried about ending up in his office. When Paul finally meets the principal, however, he finds him to be strange, mysterious, and extremely fond of apples. That’s when things start going wrong.

Theisen develops an uncomfortable interest in Paul, claiming he once knew Paul’s father. It becomes apparent to Paul and Chad that Theisen is after something, maybe some kind of treasure—and it involves the Brager family. Paul believes his family must be protected and that Theisen must be stopped. Still, he can’t get the story of Iduna’s apples out of his head; there seems to be an odd connection to the tale his father told. He and Chad want to know the answers, but learning them may put their lives in danger.



Randy Coates graduated from the University of Waterloo with a bachelor of arts degree and went on to acquire his teacher’s certificate at the University of Western Ontario. He is currently an elementary teacher in the Toronto District Board of Education. 

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Interview with Natsuya Uesugi, author of grydscaen




Title: grydscaen

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Author: Natsuya Uesugi

Publisher: Xlibris

EBook: 288 pages

Release Date: July 21, 2011

Follow the lives of the main characters as they come together in the backstory to grydscaen:retribution, the first volume of the grydscaen saga. Faid is tired of life on the run in the Echelons, trying to keep his psychic power in check, he founds the Packrats establishing a safe haven for psychics. As a hacker he uses his jack to support his neurocyne habit. Lino is recruited by the Psi Faction and is sent on a mission to kidnap Faid. Riuho, Lino’s half brother becomes a prisoner of the Elite military and they experiment on him, train him and subject him to mind control, then send him out on a mission. On his return, Riuho is set on escaping and recruits Faid who hacks into the Psi Faction systems. They escape and return to the Packrats leading up to the start of grydscaen:retribution.


Question1: Could you please tell us a little about your book?

The grydscaen series is about hackers against the government to sum it up in one sentence. The Atlantea Federation attacked the Pacific Territories and dropped a nuclear bomb. The Pacific Territories retaliated in 2055 and started a world war. Grydscaen takes place during this retaliation and shows the plight of the Pacific Territories. There is also a civil war going on in the Pacific Territories in the Echelons and the Zone led by cyber-terrorists called the Packrats. A group of clandestine psychic operatives from the Psi Faction are tasked to stop these actions. Lino Dejarre is a clandestine psychic operative and the son of the Viceroy. Riuho Dejarre who is Lino’s half brother is captured by the Psi Faction and experimented on because he has psychic power. Grydscaen: beginnings is the story of Lino and Riuho and the different affiliations and passions they have as Riuho tries to escape his captivity and the heinous experiments he has to undergo at the hands of the government.

Question2: Who or what is the inspiration behind this book?

Grydscaen is about hackers against the government. The very first Packrat hacker I ever created was named Rom who’s name stands for “Read Only Memory.” I created Rom in the 9th grade and the grydscaen story has been with me all throughout college. My parents were computer programmers and use to talk code at the dinner table. I think hearing all about computer science and programming languages and mainframes while I was growing up inspired me to write about hackers and how they are looked at by the government and computer programmers and developers. I think that was my inspiration

Question3: What cause are you most passionate about and why?

I am passionate about ending LGBT youth homelessness. This is a growing problem in urban centers. Really in any city. There should be more services out there that help these kids. I just finished writing a grydscaen short story called “A Storm’s Coming” about Rom being a 16 year old homeless gay youth on the streets before he gets taken in by the Packrat hackers. Rom is part of the grydscaen story and he has a major role in grydscaen: beginnings because it is he who gives Faid the Packrat Sprawl which is the headquarters for the Packrat hackers.

Question4: Do you have any rituals you follow when you finish a piece of work?

Each of the manuscripts for the grydscaen series is in a 3 ring binder. Each binder is a different colour. The highlight colour on the book cover for each grydscaen book, for beginnings that colour is orange. That colour is reflected in the binder for that book and carries over into the book cover design. There is much thought put into what colour binder a manuscript is going to go in. I wanted to make sure that I had a binder colour for every colour of the LGBT gay pride flag.

Question5: Who has influenced you throughout your writing career?

I think a few people have influenced me. For writers it has been William Gibson and Brett Easton Ellis. For speakers it has been H. H. The Dalai Lama. I think I have even been inspired by breakthroughs in technology and also definitely by the graphics in the Final Fantasy video games. These things make me want to try my best and give my all to my writing and relaying my message of equality and equal rights.

Question6: What are some of your long term goals?

I wrote on the back of the first grydscaen book that I published that I wanted to turn grydscaen into a graphic novel. I have just finished illustrating a comic book of one of the grydscaen short stories called “A Storm’s Coming” this was my dream from the very beginning writing the story and also illustrating it into a graphic novel.


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Interview with Ralph Sanborn, author of China Red


China RedTitle: China Red
Genre: Suspense/Thriller
Author: Ralph Sanborn
Publisher: iUniverse
EBook: 292 pages
Release Date: April 8, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-47598-293-0

Heroin, called “China Red” on the street, is being smuggled into the United States. Zhou Jing—who fancies himself a fifteenth-century Chinese warlord, is using Muslim Uighers in western China to produce the heroin. In exchange, Zhou arms, trains, and provides security from the Chinese government for the Uighers.

Caleb Frost is a professional assassin in a deep cover, black operations team that specializes in wet work. His team includes two ex-Navy SEALs and a Greek beauty and former New York City escort. Funded by the US government, the team operates autonomously in total secrecy. China hires Caleb’s team to destroy, with prejudice, the smuggling operation in the US.

Zhou’s partner is a brilliant, psychopathic killer—a Harvard Business School graduate named Wrath. He founded the Visigoths MC, a hard riding, vicious motorcycle gang which protects, delivers, and collects payment for the heroin shipments. When matters become personal and Caleb’s sister Rebecca is kidnapped, the team’s task gets messier. It becomes more than an “assassination engagement” for Caleb—it becomes a bloodthirsty vendetta.

“This tornado of a thriller drags the reader into a world of guns, bombs, swords and death and won’t let go.”
-Rob Swigart, Author of The Delphi Agenda

“China Red plunges the reader into a world of evil intrigue and high adventure. You won’t be able to put it down.”
-Antoinette May, author of The Sacred Well, Pilate’s Wife,
and Haunted Houses of California



Question1- Use no more than two sentences – why should we read your book

You will be entertained by an exciting and memorable cast of characters and an action driven storyline. The over arcing issues of social injustice in China toward the Uighers and the villainy of the drug business in the United States are current news.

Question2- What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Despite the violence I depict in my writing, such as the scene in which Caleb slices a man’s jugular with a serrated bread knife from the inside of the man’s neck outward, I hate violence on TV and in movies.

Question3- Do you have a favorite quote or saying? What is it?

“La rue a l’enfer est pavée avec les bonnes intentions.” The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Question4- Is there one passage in your book that you feel gets to the heart of your book and would encourage people to read it? If so, can you share it?

He reviewed the past three weeks. He mentally traced his steps through his confrontation with his target, Amahd al-Tikriti.

He fully believed that he terminated only those who had done little to earn a pass in this life. That qualification was the primary consideration in his decision making process to accept or decline an engagement. He did have the unique right to refuse an assignment. His engagements would always be with individuals or groups who preyed on defenseless people. Al-Tikriti had met the criteria to a “T”. Frost knew that the father and family of the dead boy in Baghdad would learn of al-Tikriti’s long delayed death. It would appear in the Iraqi press. That is all they would ever know. Caleb wanted them to know. It was done. Closure, if that was ever possible, for a greatly bereaved and abused family. Justice for a child whose only mistake was being born into Hell.

Events such as this one caused “mental saboteurs” to attack Caleb’s mind. Saboteurs invading in search of remorse. Launching corrosive self-accusations and doubts. He shoved the event and its memories into the cage he reserved for saboteurs in his mind. Nighttime, in the early, sweat-dampened hours, was the battlefield upon which he fought them. Caleb was well aware that he was still learning to live with himself. To live with the killing.

Question5- Is there a piece of advice that you have received that has really stuck with you?

Elmore Leonard said at a reading to never write what the reader won’t read. I apply that wisdom when I go back to edit my work. I lose a lot of words.


Ralph Sanborn was raised in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, and earned a degree in psychology from St. Lawrence University. He has lived in several different countries and worked in a variety of manufacturing and software enterprise marketing capacities. He currently lives in Northern California with his wife, Susan, and their two dogs.

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From My Heart by Randolph Baltimore

From My HeartTitle: From My Heart
Author: Randolph Baltimore
Publisher: Xlibris
Pages: 34
Genre: Poetry
Format: Ebook

Purchase at AMAZON

By channeling his life experiences, as well as the experiences of those around him, author Randolph Baltimore paints touching portraits of prose and poetry exploring relationships and love, all compiled in the pages of“ From my Heart” (published by Xlibris).

This collection of poems is Baltimore’s labor of love, one he has worked on for many years. It is the fruition of the many trials, tribulations, ups and downs that life has dealt him. The rhymes and verses are relevant and potent, speaking to the heart in a way most people can relate to through the lens of their own lives. The rhymes and verses of this work are passionate and sincere windows into the soul, and through the words on these pages, Baltimore hopes to inspire and enlighten readers everywhere.

“I want them to be inspired, have hope. I want them to be touched deeply in their hearts,” Baltimore says of his readers. With his book, he succeeds in doing so, as he shows them that, “Life is to be lived in color not black and white.”

“From my Heart”

By Randolph Baltimore

Softcover | 8.5 x 8.5 in | 34 pages | ISBN 9781479724185

E-Book | 34 pages | ISBN 9781479724192

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Randy Baltimore was born in Middleburg, Virginia to James and Annabelle Baltimore. He spent his early life living on a spacious farm and at 21 moved to Fairfax, Virginia. In school he was very active in many activities but excelled in music. He cites the writers of Motown as one of his major writing influences. He began writing sporadically throughout the 80’s and 90’s but it wasn’t until the turn of the century that he really began to delve into his craft. When he is not writing he enjoys listening to music, exercising and working in the garden. He currently resides in Vienna, Virginia where he works as a supervisor for a local grocery chain and runs a small landscaping business.

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It’s Your Decision by Ed Grizzle Book Blitz – Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

207786_Personalized Banner Ad with eBook_L1

It's Your DecisionTitle: It’s Your Decision
Author: Ed Grizzle
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 128
Genre: Family Relationships/Parenting
Format: Ebook

Purchase at AMAZON

Children are gifts from God, but parenting those children can often be a difficult task. In It’s Your Decision, author Ed Grizzle shows how parenting can be successful when it’s carried out according to God’s plan.

Using his life’s experiences as a guide, Grizzle explores the importance of making the right decisions in life—from choosing the right lifestyle and the right mate and to raising children according to what God has planned for you. It’s Your Decision discusses

• planning for children;

• knowing what children need;

• being aware of the important years in a child’s life;

• understanding that children will test parents;

• valuing the role of grandparents;

• dealing with abused children;

• communicating openly and honestly;

• clarifying family roles.

Grizzle presents a guide to strengthening lives and making your family life more enjoyable. He shows how this is possible when you accept Jesus Christ into your life; he will show you the way in the difficult times.


Ed Grizzle started a ministry called It’s Your Decision that helps addicts, prostitutes, and others who face difficult circumstances. He and his late wife, Mary, raised two children. Grizzle currently lives in Illinois

Ed is giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card!


Terms & Conditions:
  • By entering the giveaway, you are confirming you are at least 18 years old.
  • One winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter to receive one $25 Amazon Gift Certificate or Paypal Cash.
  • This giveaway begins July 21 and ends on August 1.
  • Winners will be contacted via email on Monday, August 4.
  • Winner has 48 hours to reply.

Good luck everyone!


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